• No-obligation introductory session: £40
  • Individual sessions: £80 per hour
  • Non face-to-face work: £80 per hour (e.g. liaison with people/agencies, telephone calls, report writing, family sessions without you present)
  • Travel expenses:
    Travel costs are negotiated in advance. Petrol is costed at 50p per mile and any parking costs will be charged in full. For journeys that take longer than 30 minutes, time is costed at £40 per hour or that equivalent. There is no travel charge for sessions that take place at the therapist’s base
  • Location charges:
    Sessions can take place in a variety of locations, which will be discussed with you. Any room hire costs will need to be negotiated in advance
  • Cancellation policy:
    Sessions cancelled with 1 week’s notice incur no charge. However, if 1 week’s notice has not been given, then full hourly payment is required. Personal circumstances will be considered. Travel costs will not be incurred in the event of a cancellation