intandem offers:

  • Individual stammering therapy and counselling for people who stammer and/or their families & friends
  • Advocacy and support to assist you in navigating life choices including relationships, work, health and education services
  • A bi-monthly ‘open space’ group to meet other people who stammer (more details)

Starting points

Starting points may vary from person to person. We aim to support you to find a way forward that feels right for you

Supporting communication

  • Increasing your understanding of how your stammering is influencing your life choices and how you feel about yourself
  • Increasing your communication network, opportunities and confidence
  • Exploring how the ways society frames and understands difference is influencing how you feel and think about your stammering
  • Identifying the attitudinal and environmental barriers you might be encountering and possible responses
  • Creating a stammer-friendly environment (e.g. supporting you to educate key people in your communication network)
  • Working with your family and/or friends as you see relevant

Navigating the future

  • Supporting you to look at your current situation and the changes you want to make
  • Exploring your core values and the extent to which you are currently living by these
  • Exploring personal goals. These can be smaller goals (e.g. making phone calls, meeting new people) through to more ambitious goals (e.g. saying your wedding vows, giving a best man’s speech, job interviews or promotion at work)
  • Breaking down your aspirations into manageable steps to help you move forward

Building relationships

  • Supporting you in maintaining meaningful personal and professional relationships and in developing new ones
  • Working with you individually or with key people in your family, friendship groups, education or work context, both separately and together
  • Providing education, information and training to you and to those who are important to you

Exploring feelings and emotions

  • Offering you a safe and confidential space to talk openly without judgement about your experiences and feelings with someone outside of your family and friendship groups
  • Supporting you to develop an understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours at this time
  • Developing your ability to harness your emotions to develop your personal resilience
  • Supporting you to make choices and decisions that feel right for you now and in the future