Lynne Sowden


Speech and Language Therapist, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life and Business Coach, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) trained, Supervisor


Guildford, Surrey, UK and anywhere in the UK via online

Work context, areas of interest and specialism:

I work in schools and nurseries supporting staff and within family homes supporting parents and my own private clinic rooms. I provide therapy in early speech and language development (DLD); dyspraxia; autism; attention deficit; selective mutism. I work closely with the Laryngologists and ENT surgeons offering voice therapy to children, teens and adults. Sometimes the adults and teens are semi or professional singers or teachers or the majority of their work involves daily presenting

I work with stammerers of all ages. Previously setting-up adults therapy evening groups; working with other therapists in running residential camps with teenage stammerers. I also support families of young children who are stammering. I developed my own approach to stammering over 20 years ago and am currently writing books about my work

I offer professional supervision to SLTs working in a variety of contexts with a range of client groups. I worked as an Open University lecturer for 10 years and supported students learning psychology and marking their assignments. I taught NLP practitioner, master practitioner and trained trainers in NLP for 10 years in connection with Richard Bandler and John La Valle

Clinical Experience:

I trained in the North of England and worked in Eccles in Manchester, Hampshire and Hackney within the NHS. I have also worked as a locum in South London, Dorset, Kent and Berkshire where I worked as a paediatric speech and language therapist. I also worked abroad in Canada in Northern British Columbia in a Child Development Center which supported children within a 300 mile radius and offered in depth assessment and distance programmes.  I also worked full time for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario based in a school in central Ottawa with 4 classes of children with DLD and 4 classes of children with physical disabilities

Supervision Experience:

I have worked as a coach since 2012 in business and in individual coaching clients from an athletic background. Since training in supervision commencing in 2014 I have provided supervision for both NHS and private SLTs. I apply my knowledge in coaching in addition to my knowledge of supervision to all clients. I receive professional and clinical supervision ongoing


  • Speech and Language Therapy DIP-RCSLT
  • BA (Hons) in Psychology (OU)
  • MA in Psychology (Carleton University Ottawa, Canada)
  • NLP practitioner
  • NLP masters
  • NLP train the trainer
  • Personal Construct Psychology at Southampton university – part time
  • Supervision training with intandem; levels 1-3 and supervision of supervision



Description of supervision service:


Speech and language therapists ✅
Allied health professionals ✅
NHS workers ✅
Independent practitioners ✅
Social service employees
Education staff ✅
Voluntary sector workers ✅
Newly qualified practitioners
Cross-specialism ✅
Cross-profession ✅


Individual ✅
Managerial Supervision
Professional Supervision ✅
Supervision of supervision


— supervisor’s base ✅
— supervisee’s base
— neutral location
Telephone: ✅
Video teleconference: ✅

Description of supervision approach:

My work as a supervisor is informed by my training with intandem and from my training in NLP. You set the agenda and we explore this together to become clear about your challenges and ambitions. I am happy to focus on client work you are doing, professional development you want to explore, and professional and personal relationships, career development or other topic that you decide will be an area you want to explore. I have gained beyond measure from all the supervision and coaching I have accessed through all my various careers as an SLT, a life coach, an Open University Lecturer and as an NLP trainer. These have shown me the many ways we can frame our problems and how this can both support and hinder us in meeting challenges. Supervision is designed to assist you to frame the issues and find ways to move beyond using a collaborative style. Also, at times, I am willing to challenge gently to support you to make changes. Throughout each session I  create a safe space and ensure you are able to reflect and examine your current challenges. Or we may explore your future direction if this is the focus of our time together. Working together is designed to help you to address the topics that are most important to you and to achieve this I ensure I provide a safe space where you are assured of my non-judgemental style and openness to explore issues that you want to address. I enjoy supporting you on your journey to address what you bring to the supervision sessions.

Contact details:

Phone: 07748 053507

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